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Support Group Guidelines

Bringing Fierce Kindness Into Your Life

Fierce Kindness is the strong determination to change thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that are ultimately not in our best interest, and doing so out of self kindness, not self judgment or criticism.


Forming a support group is a wonderful way of encouraging each other to spend the time necessary for learning new ways of thinking and behaving and integrating them into your life.  Depending on the group size, an hour to an hour and a half has worked for the groups  I have led.  

Consider having a leadership role - this person would make sure everyone feels welcome, set the agenda, and ensure everyone has opportunities to contribute (and no one person is dominating the group time).  Decide if you want to have one leader or to rotate the leadership role at each meeting.

Everyone should agree to a rule of confidentiality - no one’s name or input would be shared outside of the group without that person’s permission.  Hold meetings in a private space where people can feel free to express their experiences.

The tone of the group is one of acceptance and encouragement rather than confrontation or criticism.

I suggest each meeting include at least 10 - 20 minutes of meditation.  You can use the guided meditations on either of my CDs, sit in silence, or be guided by another person experienced in meditation.

Spend a few minutes checking in with group members for comments on how they are doing and what they are working on.  Unless this is the core purpose of your group, it is best if these comments are brief.

Choose a topic for each meeting, such as a chapter in the Fierce Kindness book.  It is helpful if people know the topic in advance and have read the identified material.  There could be discussion and an opportunity to be guided through one of the exercises or practices suggested in the book.  The CDs offer guided practices on many of the topics in the book, and could be part of the group experience (they can be ordered on the www.sashaloring.com website).

One nice way to end the group is for everyone to say one thing they are grateful for.

I wish you great success!  Sasha Loring